01 July 2012

Nectarine blue cheese summer salad

All hail the queen of salads! Here comes one of my summer favourites:

 Lamb's lettuce salads are pretty much all I eat for lunch at the moment, so I need bit of variation to keep things interesting. And what better to do that than fruits, nuts and cheese? The sweetness of the fruit contrasts so nicely with the salt and the lemon in the dressing, the nuts add a delicious and healthy bit of crunchiness and the cheese ... well, what's not to love about cheese? Seriously. Everything improves once you add cheese. Except puddings.

I have a very specific obsession with nectarines and keep going through them by the pound every summer. They are the best fruit ever (with blueberries and passion fruit making a very close second). And if by any chance something is really, seriously wrong with you and you don't like nectarines, you can always substitute mango (or peaches, but if you don't like nectarines you propably don't like peaches, either).

Nectarine blue cheese summer salad

Serves 1

A handful of lamb's lettuce
1 nectarine
Some walnuts
Blue cheese (I honestly can't remember how much I used. Go with your guts here.)

Juice from half a lemon
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp olive oil

Wash the lettuce and put it in a bowl.

Toast the walnuts in a pan (without any oil) on searing heat for few minutes, then put aside.

Dice the nectarine and the blue cheese and put them on top of the salad, then dress with a mixture of the oil, maple syrup, lemon juice and a pinch of pepper and salt.

Give it a good stir and sprinkle the walnuts on top.

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