23 September 2012

I officially moved

Change your links and rss feeds and go follow me at http://souffle-girl.blogspot.com!

15 September 2012

This blog is moving!

From now on, you'll find me under Soufflé girl. The new page is still under construction but I'll try to complete it this weekend.

11 September 2012

"Do you want to go to the seaside? I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go"

Well, I already talked about autumn but first, let's enjoy the last bit of summer, ok? Here's a post I had saved up for a while. Now seems like the time to finally post it.

There are a few dishes that absolutely epitomize a certain time or place. Salmon cakes do that with summer at the seaside. Not a hot, dry Mediterranean summer but a northern european one. A summer at the Baltic sea, on the coast of Sweden, on a Danish island or in an English seaside town. They remind me of white sand and piers and windy, sunny days, striped shirts, old fashioned villas and dozens of seagulls. They're practically perfect in every way. (Props to you if you got that reference)

This recipe is, once again, stolen from Sophie's first cookbook and it works just as well with crab meat or halibut (but psst: the colour is nicest when you use salmon).

I'm back!

First post in 2 months! I really am a horrible blogger ...!
But in my defense: I cooked nothing, honestly NOTHING, exciting this summer. I basically lived off cereal, fruit, salads, chocolate, and variations of the Hungry Student's Pasta (it's amazing with diced halloumi!). 

Also, I decided to postpone my postgrad studies and do some actual work for one or two years before I go back to university. Might even study abroad next time. There's a very interesting Master's program in Edinburgh. But first: work. Got myself a nice (paid!) internship at a publishing house in my hometown. Anyway, I kinda moved back home to live with my family for a little while until I find a place of my own or until we start beating each other's heads in (personally, I hope for the first rather than the latter). Advantage: More mouthes to feed meaning more recipes to try out, more cakes to bake, more pies to make. And autumn's coming up. My all-time favourite season. Let the madness begin.