16 July 2012

Lemon parmesan herb pasta

Stolen, stolen, stolen. Before you get bored with all of my recipes, here's one I found on one of my absolute favourite blogs who in her turn got it from the Martha Stewart website. I modified it a bit to make it less of a theft and a bit more of a creative effort. Erm.


15 July 2012

Cleansing Day

I'm back, I'm back. And so sorry. But at least I have a decent excuse: I've been working at a factory for the last three weeks and had trouble squeezing in a tiny bit of a social life between work and sleep so blogging really was out of the question. Also, I've practically been eating the same dish for lunch/supper for the past month so there really wasn't much of a point in writing a new post. 
Speaking of work: I've been working the night shift (10 pm to 6 am) for the past week and retained a somewhat unfortunate sleeping pattern that keeps me awake till dawn and makes me sleep till the afternoon. At least I managed going to sleep at 5am on friday/saturday and at 4am on saturday/today. I promised myself to go to sleep at no later than 2:30 am tonight. This has to stop.
Although, staying awake that long has its benefits. My window faces east and has an amazing view, so it's pretty great for watching dawn and sunrise. I even took a picture last night although it turned out a bit blurry. Mainly because of my lack of tripods. But you get the general idea.

Also, my healthy eating program came to a bit of a collapse yesterday: Had fish fingers for lunch and then an extremly unhealthy movie night with a friend and red wine, loads of crisps, chocolate and chocolate biscuits. My body’s so not pleased. Ugh. My intestines have been rumbling and grumbling all night and morning and I feel bloated and puffy and urghs.
Yoga this morning, then pre-soaked oatmeal and flax seeds for breakfast. And ginger tea. My bowel’s slowly feeling better, thank god. Looks like my body really can’t tolerate junk food anymore. I’ve decided to take this as a good sign.

So far so good. I'll go complete one of my draft posts and post it sometime soon. Today or tomorrow.

01 July 2012

Nectarine blue cheese summer salad

All hail the queen of salads! Here comes one of my summer favourites: