01 January 2012

So this is the new year.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and will have a thoroughly enjoyable year 2012!
In my neck of the woods, the weather on this first day of 2012 isn't exactly nice which is why I present you with a picture I took on my glorious Christmas Day walk instead.

My New Year's Eve was very nice disregarding a somewhat unfortunate experience involving saffron sauce, a blender, and my accidentally spraying the kitchen with the former by means of the latter. However, most of the sauce was saved, and thereby, so was New Year's Eve dinner. Apart from that, dinner wasn't especially spectacular and I didn't take any pictures. 
But I have some nice recipes in store for the coming year and am looking forward to a lot of cooking, baking, eating, and feeding other people in order not to get too fat from eating all the food I am going to cook and bake.

Happy eating, er, New Year!

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  1. Christmas Day looks very vernal in your neck of the woods. Mine at least had the decency to dress its sky in a cloud cover with a shade of grey that would have been appropriate for snowy weather, which alas! we were spared though.