29 December 2011

I need a camera to my eye

Remember me always nagging about my old Sony Cybershot camera and wishing for a better one? Maybe for Christmas?
Now Christmas is over and just you see what Santa left me under the tree:

Eeeeeee! I'm so happy!
Now it finally is time to get reacquainted to working with aperture, shutter speed and manual focus, and finally producing some more than decent pictures. I've had the camera literally attached to my eye from morning till night for the last few days and have been taking pictures of everything that moves (and everything that doesn't move, for that matter). I was really afraid that it would take me weeks to get back into the groove of photographing with a SLR but, lucky for me and my surroundings, it seems to be coming back quite quickly.

So, that was it. The last picture taken with the old Sony Cybershot. Thank you, my dear, for your loyal services!

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