05 October 2011

a new dawn, a new day, a new kitchen

Well, ok, how do you start a blog without sounding absolutely ridiculous? Hello word wide web, here I am? Read my blog because my thoughts are groundbreaking and will propably change your life?
Er, no.
I'll just start somewhere in the middle of what currently is on my mind. The last few weeks of my life have been pretty busy. I handed in my bachelor thesis, graduated from university, took the IELTS and finally moved out of my pretty, large windowed and damp-almost-moldy room. My new flat which I share with a friend is quite small, very cosy and has got the tiniest and cutest kitchen you can possibly imagine. Yay me. Feels good.
And as of last monday I officially am a grad student. Feels good, too. Especially since the road there has been a bit bumpy.
On top of all that I finally gave in to my self-centered streak and started this blog which will mainly revolve around the two major things in my life: food and languages (hence the title).
A new flat, a new programme of study and a new outlet for my thoughts and food obsessions. And since there's magic in every new beginning this triple new beginning will propably rank somewhere close to Hogwarts. Let's hope so.

Off we go.

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